Luxulyan Valley Pinhole Photographs

In the Nineteenth and early Twentieth Century the Luxulyan Valley in East Cornwall was a vast industrial complex of copper, tin, and china clay extraction – powered by the water redirected from the River Par. Today, other than some residual china clay mining interests at the Port of Par and the freight trains that rumble through on the line at the valley floor, at a surface level the area appears to be one of tranquil natural beauty.

Central to this work is the theme of water, as the provider and generator of power in the valley’s industrial past and as the main natural force of erosion returning the land to its primitive state. This project looks at the effect that human interaction and industry has had on this area of Cornwall’s landscape, as well as the capacity that the land has to heal and to an extent nullify man’s impact upon it.

Water Sequence #1 from william arnold on Vimeo.

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